Susan Mains Gallery

Christina Cornier

Christina Cornier

an artist from Chicago with ties to Grenada and currently living and painting full-time in Brooklyn, New York.

Artist Statement:

In my work I use the female figure to explore ideas surrounding gender, identity and power. I am interested in how we self-identify, present ourselves and how we want to be seen. Often the way we are seen does not match the way we see ourselves. In the art world the “Gaze” has historically assumed male eyes on a female subject. There is a long tradition of the female form being used as an object for the pleasure of the male gaze. I'm curious about how women, as constant subjects being looked at and scrutinized, negotiate living in this space and how this affects our self image and the image we decide to present to the world. I'm also examining how and if this changes when the gaze is from one woman onto another and if the subject's gaze can change the common relationship between the viewed and the viewer.

Interested in Christina's work? Email Susan Mains to schedule and appointment to see the work, or stop by the gallery Monday-Saturday between 10am and 5pm.



2007: BFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2002: Gallery 37 Advanced Placement Arts Program, Chicago IL
2001: Marie Walsh Sharpe Painting and Drawing Seminar, Colorado Springs, CO

Recent Exhibitions:

2016: “Art Medellin”, International Art Fair, Medellin, Colombia
2016: “Gaze” Solo Exhibition, Susan Mains Gallery, Grand Anse, Grenada
2015: “The Field Notebook” Group Exhibition, Hokin Gallery in Columbia College, Chicago