Susan Mains Gallery

Oliver Benoit

Oliver Benoit

a Grenadian artist who has been painting for over 35 years,
Oliver began as a landscape and still life painter before devoting his time to the abstract genre. 

Artist Statement:

My art is driven by the desire to understand the conflicting identities I have experienced in Grenada and the complexities of my life that is shaped by it. Those complexities sometimes appear simple thus evading all forms of critical discourse about my experience growing up in Grenada, and that lived abroad— an experience that increased my curiosity about Grenada’s national identity, but also realising that the problems of the world’s people is a struggle over identity and dignity. 

Interested in Oliver's work? Email Susan Mains to schedule and appointment to see the work, or stop by the gallery Monday-Saturday between 10am and 5pm.



2005: Brandeis University, USA. Ph.D
1990: University of Sussex, UK. MA.
1988: North London University, UK. BSc.(Hons.) 


2017: 4th Annual Contemporary Exhibition, Susan Mains Gallery, Grand Anse, Grenada
2015: 56th International Art Exhibition, Grenada Pavilion, Venice, Italy
2015: (solo) Anima Externalised, Susan Mains Gallery, Grand Anse, Grenada